"Production designer David Mauer and sound designer Tony Lepore superbly conjure the atmosphere of a blue-collar workplace." -- BackStage

i-Italy Magazine

"And it Spins Twice is a play produced by Tony Lepore, an Italian American producer and music composer, by a production company, Angry Bubble, was co-founded by an Italian American woman, Eva Minemar (with Tony Lepore), to focus on their Italian heritage through La Lupa Productions and the La Lupa Film and Theatre Fest - and better theatrical roles for women."

StageScene LA

"Tony Lepore’s excellent sound design and some just-right costumes complete the couldn’t-be-better design package." -- StageSceneLa

Theatre Is Easy

"As with most festival shows, Sandman is ill-served by the restrictions to production elements and lighting opportunities, although lighting designer Tony Lepore manages to create variety and mood from the rep plot." -- Theatre Is Easy


"Masterful direction by Rothschild, with expressive lighting and sound design by Lepore, help make this raw play a stunning experience." -- BackStage


Reviews for ANGRY JELLOW BUBBLES produced by Tony Lepore, created by Eva Minemar

 "For an hour, be prepared to laugh out loud" -- Edinburgh Evening News

 "A provocative downtown performance..." -- New York Daily News

 "Well orchestrated" -- LA TIMES

 "Intelligent, funny, and thought-provoking." -- In Theater

 "Hilarious and poignant" -- Toronto Eye Weekly

 "A fresh spin" "Exceptionally clever" (Recommended) -- LA Weekly